Make Three Lists – Lifestyle 101

When starting a new business, it might help to make three lists:

A list of everything that has to be true for this to be a good project (things you can look up, research or otherwise prove).

A list of all the skills you don’t have that would be important for this business to work (things you can learn).

And a list of everything you’re afraid of, or things that are essential and that are out of your control….

On paper, it’s a lot easier to find the real truth, make a plan and act upon it. Use your journal.

Watch out for my next video chapter in Lifestyle 101 coming very soon!

Lifestyle 101 No. 1.

This is the start of a journey where I will capture the best words I can to share what has made us succesful..

I hope you get real value from these ideas I’m sharing with you and please feel free to give me your feedback in the comments box below or indeed ask some questions.

A Live Conversation With Curtis Broome

Curtis Broome

Curtis Broome is the man responsible for introducing Diana and I to live broadcasting using this platform. He is Global Business Development Professional, Consultant, Mentor, Instructor. This guy knows his stuff on “both sides of the industry” having been CEO of a very successful network marketing business which he sold. Later he joined a Network Marketing Business as a distributor and two years later he was their number one distributor (and know he didn’t pillage his previous network). Curtis is a great friend to Diana and myself and he is one of our “Go To” people when we need a sounding board. His knowledge can only be described as encyclopaedic and he is a very wise man!

To pre register for this exclusive free interactive broadcast that will take place this Sunday at 1900 British Time just click on this link or copy and paste it into your browser:

A Question of Confidence.

My Dear Beloved Reader,

The other day, well actually it was June 4, I found myself hurtling around “The Bowl” at Millbrook Proving Ground in a brand new Aston Martin Vanquish at speeds of just under 100mph with my arms folded while driving and I was quietly confident! Not a bead of perspiration was dripping from my brow and I will tell you why. First, however, a few words about what I was doing and why.

When Ben Lowden of my favourite motoring web site, suggested that I might like a day out driving an AM Vanquish with a few other “enthusiastic drivers” I had to give myself a really good pinch. To make it really interesting the event was going to be at The Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire. Getting into this high security facility, unless you have the right introduction, is absolutely impossible. This proving ground is used by the industry and the M.O.D. to try out and test their vehicles. You see all sorts of interesting and interestingly weird vehicles either trundling or zooming around one of the five tracks on this seven hundred and sixty acre site. Photography of any description is absolutely forbidden and it was made abundantly clear that any breach of this rule and I would be summarrily dispatched. So, it was with a great deal of reluctance I had to leave my photo and video gear in the Aston Martin Clubhouse which is in the only clubhouse actually on the site!


I was treated to a number of drives around three of the tracks. My first drive was around The Alpine Track. This twisty, hairy, glorious track is famous for the “Ski Jump” where it’s really easy to take off but it’s a completely blind crest and if you do become airborne you better have the take off just right! Further down from the “Ski Jump” is the famous stretch that was used in the famous car chase in Casino Royal. This stunt holds the record for the most complete  barrell rolls of a car. Seven in all and was achieved by setting off a nitrogen charge under one of the rear wheels as the car in real life would not have tipped at all! The stunt was completed by a driver in a modified car, complete with roll cage and no CGI effects were used.

You can watch this fantastic stunt by clicking this link: www.

Although the Alpine Track was challenging after the third lap it became hugely enjoyable and the bellowing sound of the V12 six litre engine working its way through the fantastic eight speed gearbox was simply awesome, especially as this session was in the Volante and as it was a beautiful day we had the roof down!


I have to thank my co driver/instructor Alan White a.k.a. Dr. Evil for his guidance throughout the day. You might wonder why Alan is known as Dr. Evil? He’s the examiner for all the drivers on the Aston Martin racing team so I was doubly lucky to have him guiding me round all the tracks that day.

After a short coffee break in the club house we strapped ourselves into the coupe and at this point Dr. Evil was driving and he informed me we were going to “Do The Bowl”.

We meandered from the clubhouse passing a convoy of Mercedes white vans that were being tested and obviously well trained, driving very close together and not bothering to signal when turning right or left and then we entered a slip road and joined the traffic in The Bowl. The Bowl is like a giant porcelaine tea cup and from memory it’s three kilometres in circumference and marked with 5 traffic lanes. Dr. Evil quickly moved through the traffic to the top lane at the rim of this giant tea cup and having reached his cruising speed Dr. Evil removed his hands from the steering wheel, folded his arms and proceeded to converse on the subject of driving with a balanced throttle. To say my chin hit the floor would be most appropriate. I must have looked like a goldfish midway through pronouncing the name “Bob”. Then we left The Bowl and it was my turn!

I was in the driving seat and Dr. Evil and been on his walkie talkie to notify the other vehicles being tested that I was about to enter the bowl and I proceeded along the slip road just like joining a motorway except I knew that I had to avoid a pair of camouflaged Lotus cars, a Rolls Royce covered in a Zebra wallpaper (which looked rather foolish) and a Maclaren F1 that was being tested enthusiastically to the point of mechanical failure. I smoothly took my position up on the rim of the bowl and was instructed to maintain a speed between 93mph and 98mph. Having quickly attained the required speed Dr. Evil asked me to remove my hands from the steering wheel and fold my arms and then I had to drive with a balanced throttle. Too much power and I crept towards the rim and too little I would begin the decent into the lane of the insane Maclaren! Knowing these facts concentrates the mind and I was soon getting the hang of driving with a balanced throttle which if you’re ever with me in my Aston Martin DB9, I will be happy to demonstrate balance throttle control to you while negotiating a roundabout. Then it was time for lunch.

Lunch was a hurried affair not because the food was poor indeed it was very good, nor was the conversation dull, in fact it was fascinating. It was just that I was eager to get back on the track! My final track of the day was to drive this beautiful Aston Martin Vanquish Coupe down a mile long straight as fast as I could.

Well that sounds easy but at the end of the mile long straight is a right hand banked curve and you need to enter the bend at the right point and at the right speed. Of course I was confident because Dr. Evil would tell me when to start progressive braking prior to the bend. I had a number of runs down this straight and upon each one I was getting progressively faster and then it was time for my final run having already clocked speeds above 150mph.

The final run was to be done with the gearbox in automatic mode rather than manual, with the sport setiings switched to race mode and the suspension settings set for the track. The clock counted down and we were off. The engine howling like a deep throated banshee as we raced through the gears. Faster and faster so the landscape in my peripheral vision was becoming a blur and racing towards that right hand banked curve. Surely, Dr. Evil should have told me by now to start the progressive braking process, he must do it now, I mean it really has to be now but my foot has the pedal pressed to the metal and I begin to feel like Luke Skywalker on his final run to drop the photon torpedoes to destroy the Death Star. Brake, brake, brake utters Dr. Evil and I enter the right hand banked curve using a balanced throttle, out of the bend to a progressive stop. I’d hit 168mph and it was a blast!

Sitting in the car parked in the lay bye watching some weird electric motor bikes that looked like old fashioned ice cream salesman with Darth Vader helmets on hurtling past at high speed the notorious Dr. Evil told me that I was a pretty cool, confident, customer. Apparently, most drivers on the course didn’t manage the number of runs that I had taken nor had they hit such a high speed and often they were returned to the clubhouse in a pool of sweat in need of a cup of tea. It was at this point I had to tell Alan a.k.a. Dr. Evil the truth. You see dear reader, I had worked out that no one was going to let me total a new Vanquish and I had learnt early on that Alan was married with children and it was unlikely that he had a death wish. So, all I had to do was to follow his instructions and borrow his confidence in the car and his knowledge of the tracks that we had driven on that glorious day.

So, dear reader, the next time you feel a little low in confidence find someone that has gone down the path, listen to their wisdom and borrow their confidence!

Until my next post……..Toodleoo!

Building Momentum Today!

Success loves speed!

Have you ever wondered why some distributors businesses grow faster than others?

Have you ever wondered how you can make your business go faster?

One of the keys is to pay attention and take every advantage of a tool that comes your way.

Just watch this video:

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A Live Broadcast with Eric & Marina Worre

Diana and I are super excited to bring to you a live interview with our very good friends, Mr & Mrs GoPro, Eric and Marina Worre! Get your questions ready and you will have the opportunity to ask them LIVE on Sunday May 10 at 7pm. Just click on the link in the article to book your place on this untique broadcast


Diana and I are super excited to bring to you a live interview with our very good friends, Mr & Mrs GoPro, Eric and Marina Worre! Get your questions ready and you will have the opportunity to ask them LIVE  on Sunday May 10 at 7pm. Just click on the link below to book your place on this unique broadcast

Eric Worre is one of the leading authorities on Network Marketing. As a highly sought after keynote speaker, trainer and consultant, he is dedicated to helping people understand that Network Marketing is a better way and why it’s best to make the decision to become a Professional.

Eric is National best-selling author and one of the most experienced and trusted generic leaders in the Network Marketing Profession. Along the way, he has purposefully become an accomplished trainer, and has conducted live events with more than 250,000 people around the world, teaching them also how to become Network Marketing Professionals. He has shared the stage with Anthony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Denis Waitley, Stephen Covey, Les Brown, Robert Kiyosaki, Diana Ross, Clive Leach and many more.

In 2009, Eric founded, the most-watched training site in the Profession. Since its inception, Network Marketing Pro has provided over 1000 free training videos (with over 11 million video views) encompassing every conceivable topic and dozens of interviews with the most successful Distributors in the world. He also has a Facebook Fanpage with over 144,000 Network Marketing fans at

His book “Go Pro – 7 Steps To Becoming A Network Marketing Professional” has become a National Best Seller and is currently translated into 19 different languages. It has become the go to book for Network Marketing.

Today, Eric is permanently retired from building as a Distributor and is devoting all of his time in working to take the Network Marketing Profession to a new and higher level.

Join us in this unique broadcast and you will hear advanced information direct from Eric and Marina concerning their upcoming events in Las Vegas and at Event City in Manchester!

How to get the best from our live broadcasts.

I know that we have a lot of new friends who have never seen one of our broadcasts and I am aware that a few people have had problems accessing them. So, I thought I would write a short brief so you can have the best possible viewing experience. Let’s take this Sunday’s upcoming broadcast on May 10 at 7pm British time. You will get a much richer viewing experience using a desktop or a laptop rather than a tablet or smartphone. You can watch them with these devices but it’s not as good.

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If you are not a member of Google + I strongly recommend that you join and not only will you have a much better viewing experience but you will be able to ask questions during the live broadcast. If you’re not a member go to the Google home page and just look at the top of the screen and you will see a button with “Join Google +”. Click on the button and follow the simple online instructions and it takes about two minutes to create an account. You only have to do this once. Just remember your password!

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My Interview with Brian Carruthers

The awesome interview with Brian Carruthers is now available in our library. The hints, tips and methodology that were packed into this short video is just phenomenal.

Wow, wow and again wow!

I’ve just interviewed Brian Carruthers, author of Building an Empire.

Brian Carruthers

It was a forty minute, power packed, inspirational conversation with a huge amount of strategies, hints, tips and time management. This is a must watch interview and if you missed our live broadcast then you can see a recording and all our other stuff by clicking on this link:

It’s rare but I feel compelled to completely endorse his book. It’s not just packed with information but it’s a great read as well!

You won’t regret this investment of your time!

Until my next post……….Toodleoo

Who Influences You?

Two of the most influential mentors in the industry today. Your chance to hear them speak for free!

My Dear Beloved Reader,

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written anything on my blog and the main reason is that I’ve just been putting ot off! In other words I have been suffering from a severe dose of procrastination. So much so, that I thought I would write an article on procrastination but I’ve decided to do that tomorrow. Oh!, dear reader, I can hear you groaning right now. I wanted to share an interesting experience with you and that’s to do with influence or asscoiation.

For the last two years or so Diana (a.k.a. She Who Must Be Obeyed) and I have deliberately sought out leaders in the Network Marketing Industry in order to hear their stories,compare strategies, discuss common challenges and this has been an illuminating adventure. The culmination of this great adventure is that we are grateful that we have enjoyed fabulous hospitality and have built lasting friendships with many high achievers in our industry. For those of you that follow our live broadcasts you will have already seen a direct result of this in our recent interview with the author of Beach Money, Jordan Adler. Jordan has an unusual story. His first eleven years in the industry were not a raving success. In fact Jordan didn’t introduce anybody to his business until year eleven! Now Jordan is one of the highest achievers in the industry. If you missed our interview with Jordan you can view a recording by clicking on this link:

Jordan Adler

Jordan Adler

This coming Sunday, February 15 at 19:00 GMT we are excited that we will be interviewing another legend, Brian Carruthers, author of “Building an Empire”. Brian has a different syle to Jordan. Brian hit the ground running and for a decade Brian recruited an average of ten people a month and has grown an organisation of over 350,000 distributors. Brian’s methodology of maximising his time and where to concentrate his efforts is a lesson to all of us.

Brian Carruthers

Brian Carruthers

To take part in this extraordinary broadcast and have the opportunity to ask Brian your question please follow the following briefing note which was originally published on my Facebook account

How to get the best from our live broadcasts.

I know that we have a lot of new friends who have never seen one of our broadcasts and I am aware that a few people have had problems accessing them. So, I thought I would write a short brief so you can have the best possible viewing experience. Let’s take this Sunday’s upcoming broadcast. You will get a much richer viewing experience using a desktop or a laptop rather than a tablet or smartphone. You can watch them with these devices but it’s not as good.

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Until Sunday night…Toodeloo!

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Are you worth the money?

Dear Beloved Reader,

At the risk of causing great offence I thought I would share with you  a home truth. Making money is a serious business!

When I started my career n network marketing, thirty years ago, I was fortunate to meet a man called James Rohn. Jim made a statement that “rarely does income exceed personal development” and went onto explain why. Rather than go into deep explanations let me say this. We have all seen or heard  of people inheriting or winning fantastic wealth and in a relative short period of time ending up where they started from. The reason, I beleive, is that they lacked the skills to be wealthy. From my own personal experience, when I was just thirty years of age I had engaged in an enterprise and made serious money. Then, I’m ashamed to say, with a few simple errors of judgement I lost the money and ended up in debt.

Mr. Rohn started me on the course of personal development and looking back on my career I can honestly say that being a student of personal development, coupled with high activity has made me and my family wealthy.

This then begs the question, why do some people become finacially successful and others don’t? In my opinion there are a variety of reasons why people do not fulfil their true potential. Too many to discuss in this short blog. Some, fail to invest in their own future by spending time filling their minds with useless clutter or worse, material of an unsavoury nature. We nourish the body by giving it good food, plenty of water to stay hydrated but the mind needs food as well. So, let me ask you some questions:

  1. What are you reading at the moment that will help in your quest for fulfilment?
  2. What are you listening to that will satisfy your soul?
  3. Who are you spending time with and listening to? The Law of Association is one of natures most powerful laws.

If you’re in with the party crowd all the time, chances are you’re having a good time right now but where are your plans for your future?

Making money is a serious business. Mr. Rohn compared it to beng a farmer. You prepare the soil. You plant the seed. You defend the newborn plants against the noxious weeds and finally you reap the harvest.

So, dear reader, best get good at planting or be ready to make excuses at harvest time!

Until my next post……….Toodleoo!

I’ve been a bit lazy!

Lazy! I hear you say. Not Clive Leach!

Well maybe not in work, family life, leisure time etc but perhaps in my thinking.

It’s all too easy to get in a success rut, or any rut for that matter. Sometimes, you just need a reminder to make you take stock of where you are. It’s all very well to do OK but is that the best you can be?

It’s easy, when you have a level of success, to become a little complacent. You just need to hear a voice to make you think, “I’m not growing”.

You need to make the conscious decision to be become better. To make more of your situation. To be a better dreamer, planner, educator, trainer, leader.

Sometimes you just need to approach things a little differently. That helps to make a better plan. Have a higher level of quality content and commitment.

For me it’s about The Law of Association.

Just watch this 2 minute 35 second video. If you act upon it you will probably change your plan as I have mine!

Until my next post…….Toodleloo!

Lunch at home with Diana & Clive!

I have been to all the company’s national seminars (Express Day) for the last seventeen years bar one when ill health intervened. All of the seminars have been excellent but it’s true to say that some have been better than others. In my opinion last weekends seminar will go down in living memory. Delegates will be talking about this event for a long time. Why? Because of the tools that have been launched that makes this business so simple that the business will now grow even faster than ever before. I was talking to Eric Worre who was our guest speaker at the weekend and is one of the most experienced individuals in this industry having worked with many networking companies and most of the top income earners. Although Eric is not directly involved in our business he understands it completely. He said to me that although it has taken nearly seventeen years to get half a million customers he thinks we will get the next half a million in the next thirty-six months!

I would urge you to focus on these few simple things for the next four weeks.

Focus on showing everybody you know the Sir Terry Wogan Video.
After your prospect has viewed the video just say “Give me your phone number and post code and let’s see which of our Gold Bundles is best for you!”
Then say “As you know this is a public limited company and I have to show you this” Show your new customer the “How The Money Works” video and then say “Is that of interest to you?”

Just let the conversation unfold and don’t forget that the distributor registration fee is reduced to just £50 until the end of the month.

All you need to do is get your list and make some appointments. It doesn’t matter what you say as long as you do it with the excitement that you are currently feeling. If you need some pointers have a peek at our short video

Diana and I have decided to run a competition for our group. Any team member that between 27 March and April 30 that uses our new videos and takes advantage of the £50 joining fee and gathers at least 5 customers between now and then and recruits at least 10 distributors (easy now just show the new video to at least 30 people) we will invite you to lunch at our home and to spend the day with Diana, David and myself. The top recruiter and top customer gather over this period will have a private planning and strategy meeting over an intimate dinner (that Diana doesn’t cook). Anyone up for this?

Until my next post…………..Toodleoo!

A Basic Concept of Building A Big Network Marketing Business.

This post is intended for our Utility Warehouse Community.

Rowing The BoatA short while ago I wrote on my coaching page that the business is like a rowing boat and that you need to row the boat using each oar with equal intensity, meaning your recruitment oar and your customer gathering oar. I would like to explore this concept a little further. We all know that to keep the rowing boat in a straight line we need to row both oars with equal intensity but that isn’t real life. In real life our boat is subject to the vagaries of the winds and the currents that play upon our vessel.

Consequently we need to make adjustments to our course so we end up at our desired destination. Note the word “adjustments”. That’s an important word and one that we need to keep at the forefront of our mind. It’s a fact that if you row with just your customer oar you will never reap the true value of this opportunity. A high percentage of your team will always duplicate you so, its always important to keep your boat as near to a true course as possible. Therefore, if you just row with your team building oar there is a danger that your team duplicates you, no-one gets any customers and no-one makes any money.

So, when we talk about a burst of high activity during a short period of time we are not talking about just rowing with one oar, we’re talking about increased intensity of both oars. It’s fine to row one oar with a little more effort for a short period of time but if you ignore one of the oars completely, you will end up a long way form your intended course!

Until my next post……..Toodleoo!

Fear of The Phone

My Dear and Precious Reader,

This post is for our Utility Warehouse Community.

I would hope by now that you would have viewed the video “Fear of the Phone” and if you haven’t yet you need to as it sets out the methodology behind the script below. If you haven’t watched the video you can view it by clicking this link This five-minute video could massively impact upon your prospecting skills.

The key to this is to start with WHY! So, as promised in the video here is the script.

Hello! It’s me. How are you?

Prospect responds and then you say

Listen, name, this is just a quick call as I have a lot of calls to make. I’ve recently discovered a way of multiplying my disposable income by a factor of two, three, four or even possibly five times and it’s already started to work! I’m really excited by it and the reason that I’m doing this is because I wanted to make some extra money so I could provide private health insurance for the family, privately educate the kids, improve our lifestyle and perhaps even get a better car! (substitute  your own WHY) and I thought of you as you have such a great personality and have fantastic people skills (substitute your own view of their personality, skill set etc.). I would love to show you what I’m doing as I think you might enjoy it and we could make some extra money and have some fun! Could I pop over on Tuesday at seven-thirty of if that’s no good on Thursday?

Prospect says, What is it?

You respond. Listen, Name, if I try to explain this on the telephone I’m going to make a real mess of it so, I’m not even going to try! Can I pop in for a cup of tea on Tuesday or Thursday? Which is best for you?

Make the appointment and say. Thanks, I’ll see you then!

Until me next post…….Toodleloo!

The Answers To The Questions

My Dear and Precious Reader,

This particular post is aimed at our Utility Warehouse Community. However, all are welcomed to read as some of the concepts held within this post may well benefit my other beloved readers from all over the world! Possibly wishful thinking but you never know!

Ten days ago I set up a FaceBook page as an experimental coaching aid with a limited, tiny readership. The questions that I have received were very interesting and thought provoking and consequently I would like to share just five of the questions that I have received together with my answers. To see the rest just visit and hit the “Like” button on that page. Finally, at the end of this post you will find a short poll and I would be very grateful, dear reader, if you would be kind enough to complete it as this will help me in further coaching our colleagues.

Finding Prospects.

All our personally sponsored distributors have either come from our Centre of Influence or have been referred to us in one way or another.

Your Centre of Influence is of course your list and the mistake that most people make is that they create their list once and never review it. Consequently additions are never made. Diana, David and I over the years have added substantial numbers to our Centre of Influence through the people we meet on a daily basis. To attract people you must first learn to be attractive. This does not mean surgical enhancement! It doesn’t mean that you have to be interesting. You just need to be interested in people and have a sunny attitude and be warm and friendly with everybody you meet. It takes a little time to build a solid list unless you’re highly visible within your community, social clubs, breakfast clubs, Rotary, Lions etc all bring you into contact with new friends and acquaintances. Then the task is to build rapport. The hardest thing that I had to learn is to be a good listener!

What’s been your most successful one liner to recruit a potential distributor?

This is the second time that I have received this question in the last 24 hours. Is someone peddling this as a concept because if so I’m concerned?

As far as I am aware the key to building a distributorship is to build rapport with your prospects and team members. It takes more than one line. It takes the ability to listen, to care and to act. The only way that Diana and I know how to build a business is by applying the philosophy of enlightened self interest which states “If you help enough people get what they want then you will get what you want!”

What To Do With A new Distributor

When I have introduced a new person it is my belief that the first few days are key to their success. As soon as they have an ID number (Instant ID) I would ensure that they were booked onto the Getting Started Skills class. I would arrange to meet within 24 hours. The discussion would be set around what our new team member needs and desires in terms of their financial requirement. The next part of the discussion would be to review the amount of time that the new team member had on a weekly basis. Then I would ensure that our new person completely understood the concept of time leverage. I would ensure that they have become a customer for as many of our services as possible.

Next we would tackle their list and help them create it. (If you want a starting point look at their contacts on their mobile phone, address book etc). Having expanded the list we would profile a few of them to ascertain the quality of his/her prospects. We would make sure that the energy declaration and ID badge was in hand and that they were able to access the online training. Contact would then take place on a daily basis and their understanding of the online training would be monitored. Just before their class room training we would meet again and review our progress and ensure that the goals had been set. It is at this point some customer appointments would be made and would be in the diary and if possible I would help them with their first appointments.

After they had completed their class room training I would debrief our new team member to ensure that they were comfortable with the information that they had received. Contact would be on a daily basis and at the appropriate time appointments would be made to present the opportunity. Where possible I would go on the first few.

By now we should be on the way to building a TL structure.

Running Home Meetings

Home meetings can have a really varied format and would be dependent upon the needs of the individual team and where they are currently sitting in their understanding of their business. When Diana and I first started this it was a self help group as there was no infrastructure of any type. However, today is a different story. My suggestion would be to look at the frequency of your local COP and have your home meeting on the opposing week if your local COP is fortnightly or on the alternate fortnight if your COP is monthly. As your team develops you will probably find that you will need a mini COP as well. Hopefully you will get to the point where you will need to have a weekly home mini COP! We used to do this in our front room and training was undertaken in the kitchen and as the team grew we had training in the dining room as well. In terms of content I am a great believer that all distributors should have a thorough knowledge of the compensation plan, the concept of time leverage, the skills of getting an appointment and of course presentation skills.

One of the often repeated themes for a home meeting is making the appointment. I would ask my team to bring with them their lists with telephone numbers as we are going to profile them. First we would start of with a new team member and work on expanding their list by involving the attendees to play F.R.O.G.S. Then we would take a name from this persons list and profile the prospects character and skill set. I would then take the persons list pick up the telephone and call the profiled prospect. The look on the team members face is always memorable! The script would be something on the lines of: Hello is this Elsie?


You don’t know me but I believe you know Dave. He’s sitting with me right now. Dave and I are involved in an exciting venture and we have found a way of doubling or even tripling most peoples disposable income and Dave and I were talking about the sort of person we need to be working with and your name, Elsie, sprang form his lips. Dave tells me that you are a ………and that you have great……skills. Could we pop over and run this buy you either on Tuesday or Thursday for 30 minutes to see if there is a level of interest?

What is it?

Elsie, If I try and explain this over the phone I’m going to make a real mess of it as its very visual so which is best Tuesday or Thursday just to run the idea past you just to see if you have any interest?

Elsie says yes, pass the phone over to David to finalise times etc.

Once this has been completed you then say to David “Right it’s your turn who are you going to call?” David makes the call and you summarise his presentation by addressing the group saying that you liked it when David said ……..but was a little uncomfortable when David said……but really though that when David said……it was very good. You then ask the group for help by asking them how they would improve upon David’s presentation.

The post office game is also fun for another occasion. You take two team members and ask them to stand. They then have to pretend that they are in a long queue at the post office. You select one of them and ask him/her to strike up a conversation with this complete stranger and bring the conversation around to the opportunity within 5 minutes. You then open this to the group for discussion on how this could be improved upon.

On a regular basis I would drill the concept of time leverage into the group so not only did the team understand it but could present it confidently and competently without any aids.

On a regular basis I would rehearse the team in giving their testimonials at a COP and try to get away from the cliched “topping the pension pot up” (that drives me mad it’s so uninspiring!)

During the course of the meeting its always good to recognise individual achievements from getting their first customer or first distributor to promotions etc.

There’s loads more you can do but this should keep you going for the first few weeks but the key is to involve every attendee in an activity of some description.

Why am I doing this?

I’ve had a number of people ask me why Diana and I continue to be active in the business and what is our “Why” and do we have the same “Why” as when we started. Diana and I have always been goal driven and over the years our goals and reasons for our continued activity and involvement have changed. We have achieved our major financial goals and we have attained time freedon so we literally choose to be involved for the following reasons:

1). We enjoy the business and 2) I’m on a mission!

So, here’s our mission statement:

To create a culture and tools that will enable an individual distributor to be able to multiply their disposable income by a factor of at least ten. To multiply the distributor channel by a factor of at least five. This will create wealth for a huge number of people which will have direct positive consequences on the UK economy and the future prosperity of our nation.

Please complete the poll below and please do’t forget to visit and hit the “Like” button to automatically receive updates.

A TED Talk, Desert Island Discs And The Telephone.

Recently, I viewed a TED talk by Simon Sinek entitled “How Great Leaders Inspire Action”. For me, this is a jaw dropping talk that I have now watched several times and made copious notes in my journal which, has provided food for thought, or to put it another way, has nourished the mind. In just a few minutes Mr. Sinek defined the difference between leadership and being a leader. He goes onto explain that people don’t buy what you do; people buy why you do it! If you can internalise this brilliant eighteen minute talk you will understand why some people merely view our opportunity as a means to help consumers save money while making a commission and others are driven by the understanding that they can help hundreds, if not thousands, of people through the power of time leverage, improve their disposable income, change their lifestyle and ultimately build a strong, residual financial wall that will protect them and their loved ones against the uncertainties of the future. According to Mr. Sinek it all starts with WHY?

View his talk

Desert Island DiscsThe other day I had a fairly lengthy drive and I listened to a  couple of podcasts of my favourite  radio program, Desert Island Discs. One featured an eminent cardiologist, Jane Somerville and the other featured Carolyn McCall who is the CEO of Easy Jet. I had to stop at a service station, not to fill up my car, but to fill up my journal with some choice “nuggets” that will be the start of some ideas for our business. It’s my belief that through the use of a journal and having it with you it will encourage you to be more observant during the day and could lead you to become a little more creative in your thinking.

I use my journal to record important telephone conversations. Currently I’m working with a number of team members. Some are very new and others have been with Diana and I for many years. To help me keep track of these varied conversations I keep notes of reviewed and expected activity. This type of note taking then allows me to coach those that I’m working with in an efficient manner rather than trying to remember what the agreed activity would be. Years ago my mentor told me to stop operating from thought and to operate from document. Documentation beats conversation every time! Just a couple of minutes of note taking can replace hours of sloppy conversation.

Before I make a phone call I invariably write an agenda in my journal. So, when I speak with my team member having exchanged pleasantries, I’m able to get right down to the nitty gritty. It makes for really interesting follow up calls when you say to your team member, “Those five things we discussed last Tuesday, how are you getting on?” Your team member responds with “What five things?” and you reply, “Let me see, I made a note in my journal.” The team member now knows that they are in trouble!

Some of my journals are stuffed with photographs, articles I’ve torn out of news papers, diagrams, sketches, doodles and of course my goal and contact list. Finally, why do I keep a written journal rather than an electronic one? It is a scientific fact that the material that you write or handle will be with you for much longer that the information you enter through a keyboard into an electronic device. It’s very satisfying leafing through a completed journal, numbering the pages, creating an index and adding your completed journal to your growing library of treasured material.

Until my next post……………..Toodleoo!

Times Are Changing!

It used to be that when a young adult left university, a college, or school they would start their career as an employee. Despite qualifications most young people would commence their career with a “starter job” and then as experience was gained would move onto positions with greater responsibility and some would enter the senior managerial sector of society.  The “starter jobs” would not demand tremendous skills and as technology has advanced the “starter jobs” have disappeared. They have either been replaced by technology, such as robotics in industry or have been outsourced away from developed economies (such as the UK) to developing economies. We have all seen  large corporations transferring their customer service call centres to other lower paid economies but did you know that if you have had a dental crown fitted in the last five years it was probably made in India?

As a nation we are facing a terrific challenge as its likely that we will have enduring youth unemployment. One of the possible ways to resolve this problem is for corporations to offer apprenticeships but in todays straightened economic conditions those opportunities are few and far between. We have all seen in the media countless reports of graduates with excellent degrees struggling to find employment in this country. It seems to me that unless things change very quickly we will have a skill shortage in fifteen to twenty years time where the corporations will be seeking a work force to replace those retiring from positions of responsibility and senior management and will be forced to employ well educated, experienced people from what is currently known as the developing world.

So, what can we do about it? This may sound extreme or grandiose but I believe that we have in our hands an opportunity to create masses of disposable income. In creating masses of disposable income we would be playing our part in stimulating the economy. Not only would you, our fellow distributors benefit from this but so will the economy over the next few years. The key to this is to share our business with as many people as we humanly can so we can help people massively increase their disposable income. This in turn will stimulate the economy which will provide the employment opportunities that are needed in this nation. Let’s face facts! Not everybody will join our business but at least they will have the opportunity to reduce their utility bills. So how do we do this?

You get as many people as you can to look at your business. How? Just keep your eye on Diana’s Facebook page (Diana Ross UW) over the next few weeks for some video tips. If your not a Facebook friend of Diana’s now’s the time to send her a friend request!

Until my next post …….Toodleoo!

A Good Time to Review and Plan

My Dear Reader,

It’s that time of the year when we all look forward to the next twelve months and review the last twelve. Please have a look at this five minute video which encapsulates how Diana and I bring a structured review of the last year and start to make plans for the next. I hope that you enjoy this short vidieo and perhaps you would be so kind to let me know? To view the vidieo just click on the link below.

Our New Year Message

Until my next post………Toodleoo!

Thoughts on a development.

A large shopping mall is being built just a few minutes drive away from our vacation home here in SW Florida. We first learnt about this five years ago. That doesn’t mean that work started five years ago. I suspect that the process started much earlier. First the land would need to be approved for development and then a developer would have to buy the land. The developer would need to submit plans for approval and once approved work would commence. For a long time whenever my wife, Diana (a.k.a. She Who Must Be Obeyed), drove past nothing appeared to be happening. Then a few men appeared in yellow hard  hats who for several months appeared to do nothing more than stare at the land and would occasionally be seen in a huddle. Then just a few months ago several structures seemed to magically rise from the ground. An opening date was announced and a list of stores was published. It was an extensive list with all the better upscale well-known American stores (including Apple) together with some specialist stores as well such as Gucci, Louis Vitton et al. It was at this point that She Who Must Be Obeyed expressed a level of interest!

CEL_4297 - Version 2

The act of building this very large mall is a lot like building our and I suspect, your enterprise. When the ground is being prepared, the roadways are being laid, the utility infrastructure is being installed nothing much seems to be happening to the casual observer that drives by.

CEL_4294 - Version 2

In our business we made not a lot of money in our first year. This was our foundation process and like the developer we didn’t quit and move onto another piece of land. Like the developer we stuck to our plans.

The foundation period of your business can be a dangerous time for you. It’s when distractions can set in. Your peer group may not fully understand why you have elected to be “different” and try to persuade you to take alternative forms of activity rather than focussing on your new business. Please understand, I’m not suggesting that you should become Jack as in “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Far from it. Life needs to be lived but you also need to be aware where your activities are taking you and the power of the influence of association. This period can be tricky. You might experience unwelcome comments from a loved one such as, “You’re not going to another meeting tonight are you?” or “Why are you going to another seminar? You’ve already been to one!”. These are the arrows of discontent and unless dealt with can cause fatal wounds. Here’s how to deal with the arrows of discontent. Share your dreams and vision of your future with your loved ones and make sure that your future vision includes your loved ones as a high priority. I’ve already said in an earlier post that to commence an enterprise with the intention of “just paying the lousy bills” isn’t a good plan. One must look through those early obstacles and major on the plans for your enormous building.

Until my next post……….Toodloo!

Thoughts on Desire.

Thank you one and all for the tremendous feed back that I have received by e-mail, posts on Facebook, Tweets and comments on this blog following my last post “A reflection on (fairly) recent times” which discussed success, inspiration and how inspiration can be found. I’ve thought about this a great deal and I have come to a conclusion that true inspiration is generated by desire.

We can all read an inspiring book, hear and inspiring story, see an inspiring movie, listen to an inspiring speaker and be motivated into an activity. However, this motivation may be limited to a specific type of activity and perhaps will only last for a period of time. Sometimes the period of time can be extensive but my observation tells me that it’s often short-lived. It is my belief, by observation, that true inspiration is created and sustained by a single strong desire or by a multiple number of strong desires. So here are my thoughts on “Desire” but before I burden you, Dear Reader, I would ask you please to at least debate these ideas and concepts. Debate them with your loved ones, your peer group and if no one is willing have an internal debate with yourself. Most importantly for me, is that you should let me know how you feel about these ideas. So, please feel free to “Leave a Reply” in the box below and feel free to start a conversation!

Desire has a number of meanings according to my dictionary and can be used in a number of different ways according to my thesaurus. So, to make it clear lets us take the word “desire” in this context not to mean lust but rather to mean passion. Lust is at best temporary and can be harmful but to be full of passion with a craving for improvement must generate a positive thought process that engenders a high level of sustained activity in order to bring about the realization of the stated desire.

Did you notice that I just used the words “stated desire”? Most people, unfortunately, never realize a strong desire for anything let alone state their desire. However, you dear reader, are probably the exception to the general rule as I suspect that the very reason you are reading this article would suggest that at least you are interested in the concept of success and probably you have at least a wish to be successful and you may have a strong desire to become so. Should a person state their strong desire publicly they are either viewed as a fool or as heroic, dependent upon their audience. Diana and I often make heroic statements to one another which we evaluate by debating the statement. This tests the strength of desire and ultimately defines a course of action.

I’m sure that there are many different areas of desire but the three that spring to mind are financial, health and relationships. The latter category is perhaps the most complex and can be broken down into at least three sub-categories; love, respect and admiration. All of those are complex so, to keep things simple let me confine my remarks to matters financial.

Perhaps, then, the burning question is how do I find the desire? It seems to me that everybody has desire but in most cases it’s buried deep as lots of people are afraid to acknowledge it through fear of failure. The problem lies within our education and experience in life. We are literally programmed by our parents and as developing children by our schooling. It’s a fact that children hear the word “no” five times more that they hear the word “yes” from their parents! Now we can’t blame parents as usually the word “no”is used to keep you from harm or doing something silly. I do have a problem with our education system. In my opinion most of the education today that is available in the developed world is designed to make you “fit in” rather than “stand out”!

I think the question that needs to be answered is how do you unlock the desire and to take the desire forward into sustained high level activity that will transcend your life to mirror your desire. For Diana and I the biggest tool that unlocked our desires was aspiration. We used to look at people who had started with little or nothing. We would listen to their stories of achievement and applaud their success. Diana and I still have aspirations. After all, my mentor suggested to me, many years ago, that it’s a good idea to have a home for every season. Diana and I are only part way there! We used to admire the philanthropists of this world. Diana and I are nowhere near the same league as Bill and Melinda Gates but now we do have a yearly philanthropic plan. My mentor also stated, often, “If you wish to be successful, study successful people”.

In closing. Is it possible to find the way forward by aspiring to emulate people who are obviously successful? I will leave that as your debating point!

Until my next post……..Toodleloo!

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