I’ve been a bit lazy!

Lazy! I hear you say. Not Clive Leach!

Well maybe not in work, family life, leisure time etc but perhaps in my thinking.

It’s all too easy to get in a success rut, or any rut for that matter. Sometimes, you just need a reminder to make you take stock of where you are. It’s all very well to do OK but is that the best you can be?

It’s easy, when you have a level of success, to become a little complacent. You just need to hear a voice to make you think, “I’m not growing”.

You need to make the conscious decision to be become better. To make more of your situation. To be a better dreamer, planner, educator, trainer, leader.

Sometimes you just need to approach things a little differently. That helps to make a better plan. Have a higher level of quality content and commitment.

For me it’s about The Law of Association.

Just watch this 2 minute 35 second video. If you act upon it you will probably change your plan as I have mine!

Until my next post…….Toodleloo!

2 thoughts on “I’ve been a bit lazy!”

  1. Thank Clive,my wife Sue and myself have taken you’re words onboard and are actively looking to associate with the more positive and successful people in and out of our great industry.In a short period of time we can feel something moving us forward into a more confident and exciting place.
    Speaking to Diana today and booking to go on Eric Worre training in December has certainly energised us to push on with more urgency and confidence.Thanks to the both of you for you’re example since we joined UW over 3 years ago.


    1. Thanks Grant, for the kind words. When I got going in this industry I used to listen to Jim Rohn and Zig Ziglar in my car all the time. I used to pretend that they were in the back seat of my car and talking to me. A few years ago I spoke at a seminar in Tucson, Arizona and the keynote speaker was Zig. After the event had finished Diana and I had dinner with him along with the other top achievers and then there was a cabaret, Sheena Easton, then the disco started. It was at this point we decided to leave and in the car park there was Zig with his lady wife waiting for their limo to turn up. Long story short we gave them a lift to their hotel and it was then that I realised that I really did have Zig Ziglar talking to me in the back of the car. When we got to their hotel we went in for a coffee and stayed taking until about 2am! What a conversation and association!


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