Empathy doesn’t involve feeling sorry for someone. It is our honest answer to the question, “why did they do what they did?”

The useful answer is rarely, “because they’re stupid.” Or even, “because they’re evil.” In fact, most of the time, people with similar information, similar beliefs and similar apparent choices will choose similar actions. So if you want to know why someone does what they do, start with what they know, what they believe and where they came from.

Dismissing actions we don’t admire merely because we don’t care enough to have empathy is rarely going to help us make the change we seek. It doesn’t help us understand, and it creates a gulf that drives us apart.

One thought on “Empathy”

  1. Good Morning Clive, I’m an I.D. in your organisation but such a “minnow” that you won’t even know who I am.

    While empathy is important, I believe perspective, is crucial.

    Reading your previous posting “The Time between Christmas and New Year” written in 2018, makes me feel that although I’ve bumbled on, I haven’t been effective, even though I tried to work to a plan. “Why did I do what I did”? because the “plan” was’nt strong enough, written down, and believed.

    I urge everyone to read the previous post and put this guidance into action, to maximum extent. I didn’t, and that’s why I’ve got, what I’ve always had. This time, I’ve copied and pasted the five points into a word document, to be printed out, and made, tangible.

    “If first you don’t succeed”, don’t just “try again” but in my case, try it, differently!

    To your (and my) success.

    Regards, David Thexton B72206


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