A Basic Concept of Building A Big Network Marketing Business.

This post is intended for our Utility Warehouse Community.

Rowing The BoatA short while ago I wrote on my coaching page http://www.facebook.com/cliveleachuw that the business is like a rowing boat and that you need to row the boat using each oar with equal intensity, meaning your recruitment oar and your customer gathering oar. I would like to explore this concept a little further. We all know that to keep the rowing boat in a straight line we need to row both oars with equal intensity but that isn’t real life. In real life our boat is subject to the vagaries of the winds and the currents that play upon our vessel.

Consequently we need to make adjustments to our course so we end up at our desired destination. Note the word “adjustments”. That’s an important word and one that we need to keep at the forefront of our mind. It’s a fact that if you row with just your customer oar you will never reap the true value of this opportunity. A high percentage of your team will always duplicate you so, its always important to keep your boat as near to a true course as possible. Therefore, if you just row with your team building oar there is a danger that your team duplicates you, no-one gets any customers and no-one makes any money.

So, when we talk about a burst of high activity during a short period of time we are not talking about just rowing with one oar, we’re talking about increased intensity of both oars. It’s fine to row one oar with a little more effort for a short period of time but if you ignore one of the oars completely, you will end up a long way form your intended course!

Until my next post……..Toodleoo!

3 thoughts on “A Basic Concept of Building A Big Network Marketing Business.”

  1. Thank you so much for this Clive, the boat that I row needs a bit of an “adjustment” on the recruiting side of things… what did you do to get guys to join you in the beginning, I could do with some tips from you if I may be so cheeky!! 🙂


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