Fear of The Phone

My Dear and Precious Reader,

This post is for our Utility Warehouse Community.

I would hope by now that you would have viewed the video “Fear of the Phone” and if you haven’t yet you need to as it sets out the methodology behind the script below. If you haven’t watched the video you can view it by clicking this link https://vimeo.com/86821629 This five-minute video could massively impact upon your prospecting skills.

The key to this is to start with WHY! So, as promised in the video here is the script.

Hello! It’s me. How are you?

Prospect responds and then you say

Listen, name, this is just a quick call as I have a lot of calls to make. I’ve recently discovered a way of multiplying my disposable income by a factor of two, three, four or even possibly five times and it’s already started to work! I’m really excited by it and the reason that I’m doing this is because I wanted to make some extra money so I could provide private health insurance for the family, privately educate the kids, improve our lifestyle and perhaps even get a better car! (substitute  your own WHY) and I thought of you as you have such a great personality and have fantastic people skills (substitute your own view of their personality, skill set etc.). I would love to show you what I’m doing as I think you might enjoy it and we could make some extra money and have some fun! Could I pop over on Tuesday at seven-thirty of if that’s no good on Thursday?

Prospect says, What is it?

You respond. Listen, Name, if I try to explain this on the telephone I’m going to make a real mess of it so, I’m not even going to try! Can I pop in for a cup of tea on Tuesday or Thursday? Which is best for you?

Make the appointment and say. Thanks, I’ll see you then!

Until me next post…….Toodleloo!

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