Lifestyle 101 No. 1.

This is the start of a journey where I will capture the best words I can to share what has made us succesful..

I hope you get real value from these ideas I’m sharing with you and please feel free to give me your feedback in the comments box below or indeed ask some questions.

17 thoughts on “Lifestyle 101 No. 1.”

    1. Hi Julia,

      If you’re viewing on a desktop or a laptop the button is in the right hand margin towards the top. If you’re veiwing on a smart phone scroll down and you will eventually come to oy. Hope this helps.


  1. Thank you Clive, really interesting regarding journalling, I’ve been wanting to get started on that for a while!
    I’m a little uncomfortable looking at my net worth purely as a financial balance sheet… Sure I have other non physical assets that will be worth more in the long run! Maybe I’m being a bit too yellow! πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks for the kind words. I understand being uncomfortable when reviewing your net worth. However, I will say this: I tried being broke once and I didn’t like it. I found the lack of money didn’t help. When you have a positive financial status you can do all sorts of stuff. It buys you choices in life to put it crudely.


  2. Clive what you have just shared is so simple that most people will ‘miss it’. ‘Keeping a journal’ is one of the first lessons I learnt from you at one of your Masterclasses when Darren and I first joined the business and has served us well right up to present day. As Jim Rohn would have said, we must first master the fundamentals and I believe keeping a journal is one of them. Thank you for putting this across with such clarity. It is one of those things that is ‘easy to do and easy not to do’ – I would urge everyone to make sure that their new team members see and embrace this blog. Absolutely brilliant post, Many thanks, Jane Turner.


  3. Love it Clive I always enjoy your broadcasts! Lee and I have used journals since we joined the business 15 months ago. We have filled at least a dozen in between us! I am going to buy us each an Evernote now….I remember writing it down at a training at Hough End last year and not following up…tut tut! You also mentioned a yearly wall planner, could your remind me which one you use please?


    1. Thanks for the kind words. The planner that we have used is a SASCO planner and is available from most good stationers or Amazon. The one we used was mounted and had a write on/off surface and you can also get a kit which allows you to mount it on a wall. Hope this helps.


  4. Thank you Clive, I started a journal a short while ago following on from your advice on a previous broadcast and on hearing it from lots of other successful leaders. I thought – well they can’t all be wrong can they πŸ™‚ I’m also pleased that you suggested indexing with categories as I can see the future benefit of starting off right.

    Kindest Regards to your good self, Diane & David.

    Graham Price


  5. Good Morning Clive
    Very poignant presentation, thank you for taking time to compile and share.
    I particularly love your focus on the journal and the simple task of ascertaining our net worth. Looking forward to your next one.
    Thank you, have a great day,


  6. Thank you for putting this series together Clive. I do keep journals, however, weakness is indexing them and storing them neatly. My task to do that before your next episode. Looking forward to what I know is going to bring great value. Thanks Wendy


    1. Indexing is the key to retrieving data. I use a Moleskine Evernote Journal which works with the Evernote app. So, for the really important stuff I snap the entry in my journal with the Evernote app on my smartphone, tag it and it’s uploaded to Evernote which I can then access on all my devices.


  7. Hi Clive – Sher and I loved:
    – you getting straight to the point, no waffle – respectful of our time
    – stylish, succinct presentation
    – that we can enjoy/learn in own time (no 24 hour expiry date!)
    – practical, meaningful message

    Brilliant, thank you, looking forward to more -Suzie & Sher Rajah


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