A Live Conversation With Curtis Broome

Curtis Broome

Curtis Broome is the man responsible for introducing Diana and I to live broadcasting using this platform. He is Global Business Development Professional, Consultant, Mentor, Instructor. This guy knows his stuff on “both sides of the industry” having been CEO of a very successful network marketing business which he sold. Later he joined a Network Marketing Business as a distributor and two years later he was their number one distributor (and know he didn’t pillage his previous network). Curtis is a great friend to Diana and myself and he is one of our “Go To” people when we need a sounding board. His knowledge can only be described as encyclopaedic and he is a very wise man!

To pre register for this exclusive free interactive broadcast that will take place this Sunday at 1900 British Time just click on this link or copy and paste it into your browser: https://plus.google.com/events/cd22qgqh0v29i4t18uo3jnhoqc4

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