A Good Time to Review and Plan

My Dear Reader,

It’s that time of the year when we all look forward to the next twelve months and review the last twelve. Please have a look at this five minute video which encapsulates how Diana and I bring a structured review of the last year and start to make plans for the next. I hope that you enjoy this short vidieo and perhaps you would be so kind to let me know? To view the vidieo just click on the link below.

Our New Year Message

Until my next post………Toodleoo!

6 thoughts on “A Good Time to Review and Plan”

  1. Many Thanks for your timely message, Happy New year to you all. Our goals and events to attend being set for this coming year as I write ! 365 days doesn’t seem so long when so much to fit in ! See you soon, Best Wishes Dave


  2. Hi Clive – as ever, great advice based on your own experience and success derived from putting that same advice into action yourselves. Best wishes for 2014.


  3. Hi Clive, I loved the video, thank you taking the time to produce it. You have a lovely gentle style of presenting that appeals to all. A relaxing video to watch but the important points are made.
    It got me thinking about goals, which is very important in our business, on a daily and weekly basis.
    I set my 2014 goals at the beginning of December and hand wrote them down. I am going to put them in picture form now, on a vision board to look at daily, as I work better that way.
    I look forward to meeting you and Di at one of the many events planned for 2014. Enjoy the rest of your vacation, Sam


    1. Many thanks for the kind words. They are appreciated. A vsion board really works. Diana and I had a photograph of a house on our board and we now live in the exact house and it never came on the open market!


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