A Personal View of Recent Announcements in The Utility Warehouse.

There's WorkTo Do.
There’s WorkTo Do.

One of the best places to start to turn your life around is by doing whatever appears on your mental “I should list”!

With the exciting changes that have been announced by CEO Andrew Lindsay distributors will broadly fall into two categories. There will be those that see the announcements as a tweak to an already excellent proposition and there will be others who will realise that this is a game changeing pivotal point in our opportunity.

These announcements come at a critical time in the calendar year being part way through the last quarter of the year. The momentum that you create now in your business will roll forward to the New Year. Now here’s what some people will do. They will study the minutiae of the announcements rather than trusting the company to have done their home work in order to position the company at the forefront of the industry.

There are some things you don’t know how it works – only that it works. While some people are studying the roots, others are picking the fruit. It just depends which end of this you want in on.

So, here’s what Diana, David and I are doing with these incredible announcements.

For our leadership.

By the time that you read this we will have already been in contact with our leadership team to spread the plan.

For our personally sponsored team members who have yet to achieve Team Leader.

We will ensure that this section of our team is aware of these announcements and give them a precise plan on how to use the announcements to further their individual businesses.

Let’s review some of the changes:

No Membership Fee!

For the team members that have been within our group for more than just a few weeks you will remember that we had a limited time promotion when the membership fee was waived. The result was that the customer gathering numbers went through the roof! I believe that this extra spurt of customers was generated as a result of a barrier being removed.

Gold Talk Customers – Six Months Free Broadband!

This was also trialled as a promotion this summer with a spectacular result with customer numbers rising to record levels due to the confidence that was generated knowing that this is an exceptional offer.

Freezing Home Phone Line Rental!

This significantly increases our already competitive proposition.

The New Gold Customer Bundles!

The structuring of these bundles has made it even easier to attract customers to our multi service proposition.

The Price Guarantees!

The new energy price guarantee is much simpler to understand and far easier to explain and our double the price difference is very simple indeed.

Above all it’s made everything much simpler!!

The Effects

These new changes to our already strong offering are game changing as customer gathering has been made simple. A consequence of these changes is that our new team embers will qualify their positions and obtain their fast track bonuses faster, as a Gold customer now only requires three eligible services instead of four. With the changes to our more than competitive landline call package there will be an automatic increase in commsiions paid! Because of increased charges incurred by the company they have been forced to increase our energy prices but compared to the rest of the industry our increase is very modest indeed. Which means our customers get exceptional value but as a side effect it will increase our pesonal commissions as well.

The Challenge.

The challenge is to do more so that you become more than you already are. The barriers to customer gathering have been removed. With a set of new marketing tools and a new presenter (available on the Extranet) your personal challenge is to do more, to talk to more people, to help them save money and to help them make money.

Diana, David and I believe it to be true that if you help enough people get what they want you will get what you want.

Let’s do this together.

Until my next post, Toodleoo!

6 thoughts on “A Personal View of Recent Announcements in The Utility Warehouse.”

  1. excellent summary, Clive.

    Game changer? Nope, business changer, and a time for people to ensure their attitude is spot on the money.


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