Now let’s get on!

I do not write “political” posts. Politics in my opinion is a private issue.

Many years ago I decided to take responsibility for my own future and I decided to build a financial wall around myself and my family. I decided to build it tall and thick so, it would become an impenetrable barrier to outside forces that were beyond my control.

To be blunt and rude I’m sick and tired of reading posts about stuff that the authors have no real control over. Votes have been cast. Decisions have been made.

Now is the time to put all of that behind all of us and start working to build your own and your families future.

Now is the time to take responsibility for your own life.

Now is the time to go to work and build your own future without blame or praise.

Now is the time for high intensity in your personal endeavour.

3 thoughts on “Now let’s get on!”

  1. Thanks Clive, what a refreshing email, I’m with you on this one, it’s so disappointing reading rude negative political posts from adults? I rarely watch the TV, follow the news or the press yet it’s hard to escape the constant debates which have now exploded our very personal life’s on social media 😬 Very damaging! Yesterday’s news, tomorrow is a new day, new beginnings, new opportunities, have a good one 😊


  2. Do you know Clive, that is one of the most commonsense things I have seen and heard today. It’s done now whatever anyone may have wanted the result to be or not. Gloating or taunting is such a negative behaviour, best left to those who know no better. We have the best platform for our own personal wellbeing and future security and that of our families.


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