Planning The Road Trip

My family think I’m crazy. Perhaps they’re right! I just think that in today’s world some people are in such a hurry to arrive that they forget to enjoy the journey. So, I’m in the process of planning my first big trip which will be from our holiday home in South West Florida to Las Vegas and back in my Corvette Grand Sport. It’s a round trip of roughly 5000 miles and I think I’m going to take about seven days to get to Las Vegas where I will be having some fun with my good lady wife, Diana (a.k.a. “She Who Must be Obeyed”) and 180 plus friends in that town in Nevada. I’m going to take an extra day on  the way back so I can see the sights that I have planned. Currently my itinerary looks like this:

Starting from Lakewood Ranch near Sarasota and then driving to Pensacola Fl., Houston Tx., San Antonio Tx., Fort Stockton Tx., Tuscon Az. and arriving in Las Vegas Nv.. On the way back I will be visiting Flagstaff Az., Amarillo Tx., Dallas Tx., New Orleans La., Panama City Beach Fl., finally returning to Lakewood Ranch. Crazy or not – you decide!

4 thoughts on “Planning The Road Trip”

  1. I completely agree with you about enjoying your journey! Sounds like lots of fun. We drove to NY & back last summer w all the girls. We stopped in each state from FL to NY along the way to sightsee and it was wonderful! Hope you have a great trip!


  2. and its my best pal’s 40th wedding anniversary next month, and the family have bought them a trip to US, hired him a Corvette and they are driving Route 66- thats TWO, and as things come in THREES – here’s hoping/ have a good one CL.


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